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Connect the KDS to the POS

Set up your Kitchen Display Screen

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Let's get you started with the Kitchen Display Screen!

  1. Ensure that your KDS iPad and your Master POS iPad are connected to the same network

  2. On the KDS, press the cog button to access the Settings. Enter the Device Address of your Master POS

  3. Enter the Device Address of the Master POS into the KDS, in the field indicated

4. On the Master POS, the KDS details will appear under Client List

5. (OPTIONAL) By default, all orders will send to the KDS.

  • If you wish to set the KDS as a particular Printer Location (eg. as a virtual printer which is set in the kitchen so it only shows food orders rather than drink orders), tap the Location box and select it

  • Tap Reset if you wish to set it back to being All Printer Locations

You are ready to use the Kitchen Display Screen! Tap the cog again to exit the Settings and view your orders as they come in. Press the tick of an order when it has been completed.

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