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KDS Layout and Appearance

Change how you see orders on the KDS

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Number of orders per screen

The Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) can have multiple different grid formations for the main orders. To change these:

  1. Go to Settings (tap the cog)

  2. Under Main Orders Layout, change the values next to ROWS (1-3) and COLUMNS (1-4)

  3. Press UPDATE, then exit Settings (tap the cog) to view your layout changes.

Here are some examples:

Press the Arrows at the bottom of the screen to view orders that don't fit on a single page.

In this example, there are a total of 6 orders, 4 of which are showing on the first page, 2 of which are showing on the second.

Text size

For large text, enable Display Large Font For Order Items, Extras & Name

Order Summary View

Consolidate active orders and variants on the same screen and mark the products as DONE.

Navigating order summary view

The Order Summary Screen consolidates all orders into a list of items.

Enable order summary view

To display the Order Summary View, enable the Display Order Summary setting on the KDS.

Change the width of order summary view

The width of the summary view can be adjusted by:

  1. Dragging the split bar, or

2. Updating the summary view width in the KDS settings.

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