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Why does my iPad say "Wrong WiFi"?
Why does my iPad say "Wrong WiFi"?

How to remove the "Wrong WiFi" alert and connect to the right WiFi

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What does it mean?

If your iPad says "Wrong WiFi" in the top right corner, it means that the WiFi network that you are connected to is different to the one that you have saved in Abacus POS.

Note: This feature is only available if you have granted Abacus the permission to access your iPad location (iPad Settings > Abacus > Location > While Using).

How do I change to the right one?

Press the alert to go into your iPad internet connection settings to change the network you are connected to.

What if it's the right WiFi?

If you believe you are connected to the right WiFi network, you will need to save this as your new Abacus WiFi. Go to Settings > Device Options and tap the name next to Abacus WiFi. You will be prompted to confirm the new Abacus WiFi, and the "Wrong WiFi" alert will disappear.


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