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Loyalty programs and points

Set up a points earning system with your Loyalty Marketing module

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  • How loyalty points are applied (discount vs payment method)


If you would like to reward your registered customers, whether it is through an ongoing points system, or through a temporary promotion, you can do this by setting Point Earning Rules and then Point Redemption Rules in the Loyalty Marketing module.

This is useful for the following types of reward systems:

  • Purchase 4 coffees, receive the 5th for free

  • Spend $100, receive $20 off

  • Spend $100, receive a free pair of socks

  • Earn 100 points, receive 20% off your total order

Some discounts can also be applied in Price Rules, however, the advantage of setting up point earning rules is that a customer must be registered in order to benefit.

Money thresholds must be met in one transaction; point thresholds can be met over time.

Earning Points

First, you need to decide how you want your customers to earn their points.

There are three points system types:

  • Point Earning Rules – An overall points system that applies to total orders (e.g. 1 point per dollar spent)

  • Product Points – Points earnings on individual products (e.g. 1 bag results in 20 points)

  • Combination of both However individual product points will override overall rules e.g. If the 1 point per dollar spent rule applies alongside 20 points per bag purchased, the purchase of a $40 bag will result in 20 points received as opposed to 40

Point earning rules (points for total order)

Access this via Loyalty Marketing > Point Earning Rules

  1. Click Add New Point Earning Rule

  2. Determine the points earned per dollar spent and input it in ‘Point’ and ‘Dollar Spent’ columns provided. Additionally, determine its expiry date.

    This rule can be earning 1 point for spending $1.

    You can also make a second rule, like 10 points for spending $5. Then, if a customer spent $6, they would earn 11 points.
    $5 spent = 10 points
    $1 spent = 1 point
    $6 spent = 11 points

Product Points (points for individual products)

Setting Rewards Points for your Products

  1. Access your products via POS > Products > Products

  2. Click the pencil button next to your desired Product

  3. Find Rewards Points under Price, and set the number of points that product offers

  4. Click Save

Point Redemption Rules

Setting up the Redemption System

  1. Go to Loyalty Program > Point Redemption Rules

There is already one point rule set up for you:
Redeem x points to save $1.
If you want to use this rule, just enter the points amount in the blank box and skip to step 4. If you want to customise a different rule, leave the box blank and continue to the next step.
2. Click Add New Point Redemption Rule
3. Fill in the fields according to how you intend the points to be redeemed.

General information

  • Name: Used to describe the rule.

  • Unique Code: A code of your choosing to identify the reward.

  • Rewards Points Required: Number of points needed to redeem the reward.

  • Expiry Date: Date which the offer will expire

Criteria - what the customer needs to do to obtain the reward

  • Dollar Spent: Minimum total spend in a single transaction


  • Discount Amount: Flat discount amount applied to order when this reward is redeemed.

  • Discount Rate: Percentage discount applied to order when this reward is redeemed.

You can also upload a photo to be used as the reward image at the POS.

4. Sync the data on the iPad via Settings > Sync > SYNC LOYALTY REWARDS LIST.

5. In the app, after the customer is added to the order, the reward list will appear automatically when you press PAY.

Select any rewards to be redeemed and press REDEEM REWARD and the reward will be applied to the order.

To skip point redemption, press PAY BILL.

Or, press CONVERT POINTS if you want to convert your points to dollars using the pre-defined rule in step 1.

Note: Customers can earn points if they pay with cash, credit card, or credit account.

Tracking points

You can track the progress of your points scheme via Loyalty Marketing Point Transactions and the Customer Points Overview

Viewing Point Transactions

Track your customers’ earning and redemption of points by accessing Point Transactions (via Loyalty Marketing > Points Transactions)

The following information is displayed:

  • Point Holder: First and last name of the registered customer.

  • Store: The site where the transaction was made.

  • Point(s): Shows the number of points earned, or number of points redeemed in a particular transaction.

  • Created On: Date the transaction was made.

  • Invoice: The number of the invoice which corresponds to the point transaction.

  • Note: The reward that points were spent on (based on the reward name set in Point Redemption Rules)

Adding Point Transactions

This function can be used to transact points to/from an existing customer.

  1. Click New Point Transaction

  2. Fill in the fields:

  • Point Holder (Name of customer)

  • Number of points to be transacted (+x to add points, -x to deduct points)

  • Corresponding invoice number for the transaction

  • Note (Optional)

3. Click Save, and the transaction should now appear at the top of the table.

Customer Points Overview

In the Loyalty Marketing module, go to Customer Points Overview to see how many points each customer has earned, redeemed, and have remaining. By default, the Customer Points Overview will show the overall total point count across all of your sites.

Filter by date

If you wish to view information on a subset of customers, you can set a specific date range to enhance your search.

Filter by customer

Type, or use the drop down function, to select a specific customer to view.

How loyalty points are applied

By default, loyalty points are applied to an order as a discount, however, there is also an option to apply loyalty points as a payment method.

Note: if loyalty points are treated as a payment method, they will be added to the total sales.

If you would like loyalty points to be treated as payment method, follow these steps on the backend:

  1. Go to POS Settings and click the Abacus Settings tab.

2. Go to A57. APPLY LOYALTY POINTS AS A PAYMENT METHOD and click the pencil icon. The App Setting Detail window will appear.

3. Under Setting Value, click the drop down arrow. Select TRUE and then click Save to apply loyalty points as a payment method.

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