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POS Settings and Master Sync
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Access settings

Settings page

From the Settings page, you can sync your settings and access multiple configuration options.

You can access different settings through each tab.

Allow only admins to change settings

Go to to the System tab and enable the B13. ONLY ALLOW ADMINS TO CHANGE SYSTEM SETTINGS setting to give only admin users the ability to change settings.


Save changes to settings

All changes to settings must be saved to the cloud so they are reflected on all iPads and on the backend.

When you make changes to your settings on the POS or on the backend, go to the System tab and tap SAVE TO SERVER to ensure your settings are saved.

On your other iPads, tap GET SERVER SETTINGS to ensure they have the correct settings.

Device Options

  • Default Order Type: Select eat in or takeaway as the default order type.

  • Enable Print Label button for Deli Mode: Print to a compatible label printer.

  • Self Ordering Mode: Let customers order using the Abacus POS app.

  • Skip System Settings In Master Sync: Don't sync system settings when performing a master sync.

  • Locations: Select a location from which assigned stock will be taken.

  • Abacus WiFi: The wifi network the iPad is connected to.


In the Sync tab, you can sync everything from product variants to receipt templates.

Master Sync

Note: We recommend that you only perform a Master Sync outside of service hours as it may take a few minutes to complete.

There are three ways to perform a master sync:

  • Settings > Sync tab on the POS (pictured above).

  • Master Sync shortcut on the POS.

  • On the backend.

Master Sync shortcut on the POS

Tap the refresh button at the top of the screen to perform a Master Sync.

Master Sync from the backend

You can also prompt a Master Sync on the backend.

  1. Go to POS Settings > Master Sync Status.

  2. Tick the sites you want to sync (if you have multiple sites, log into HQ to see all your sites).

  3. Click Master Sync.

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