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Tare and container weight

Deduct the weight of a container on Abacus POS

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If you sell products by weight, you may wish to enter a container weight or tare. When a container weight or tare is registered, it gets deducted from the total weight.
This means that if, for example, you sell yoghurt by weight, you can now enter the yoghurt cup's weight so the customer does not get charged for the weight of the yoghurt cup.
There are two ways to do this:

  • Set tare on scales

  • Set container weight on POS

Set tare on scales

  1. Put the empty container on your scales

  2. Press the >T< button on your scales to set the tare. The new weight shown will be 0.

  3. Weigh your product as required.

  4. Press the >T< button to un-set the tare.

Set container weight on POS

  1. Go to Settings > System > General and enable setting A.23 Use Container Weight

  2. Go to the POS menu and select the product that you wish to weigh

  3. Place the product on the scales. The system will calculate how much it weighs. Press Done.

  4. Tap the weight to bring up the weight popup. Change the container weight using the keypad.

  5. The Product Weight will change accordingly. Press Done.

Set default container weight for a specific product

If a specific product will always have a container weight:

  1. Go to its Product Details and set a Container Weight (a.k.a. "Preset Weight")

  2. Sync all products on Abacus POS

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