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Abacus Settings

Configure your application settings

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Admin settings (i.e. A56 and A57) can only be seen and changed from the backend.

Go to POS Settings > Abacus Settings to view the server settings selections for the abacus app. When you save the app settings to the server, they will be saved here. When you get the server settings in the app, they will come from here.

For example, if you want all the POS devices to have the same settings, you can simply set them here (or set them in the app and save them to the server) and then get the server settings in each device.

To change the settings value (True = on, False = off), click the edit (pencil) button to the right of a setting. In the popup, select either True or False for the Setting Value and then Save.

Maximum Order Number

By default, the order number will reset to 1 once 100 orders have been placed. Increase or decrease this limit by changing the Max Order Number and click Save.

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