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Daily Sales Report email
Daily Sales Report email

Send yourself a sales report every day to your e-mail address!

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How to schedule an email

If you want a sales summary to be sent to your e-mail address each day, you may want to schedule a daily sales report.

  1. Go to Reports > Sales > Scheduling Report

  2. Click New Schedule

  3. Select the Type of report you would like emailed, i.e. Daily Sales Report

  4. Select the Currency

  5. Enter your e-mail address under Receiver

  6. Select a Receive Time.
    NOTE: This report includes sales from the "Start Trading Time" (under Configuration > Company Profile) to the "Receive Time". If you do not have a "Start Trading Time" set, then the sales will run from midnight to the "Receive Time".

Pause emails

If you wish to stop receiving these e-mails for a period of time, change Is Disabled to Yes.

What if I have multiple stores?

If you own a franchise and have multiple stores: you will need to go to the Scheduling Report page for each of your stores.

It will not be necessary to add one in your HQ account, as the HQ account itself does not make sales.

Line Item Meanings

Total Products Sold

This is the total number of products sold.

Total Payment Amount

This is the total sales amount plus any tips.

Gift Card Payments

This is the amount of payments made by Gift Card.

Abacus Payments

This is the amount of payments for online orders.

Other Payments

This is the total of custom payment types that the you have created (POS Settings > Payment Methods). To view these payment types in detail, you would need to log into the backend and go to Reports > Register > Tender Report.

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