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How do I configure printer locations in the app?
How do I configure printer locations in the app?

Set up your printer locations from the POS

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Printer locations you have created on the backend must be set in the application itself to correspond to the physical printers connected. Use the Master POS to set up all your printing.

  1. Press the Printer icon to expand the printers menu.

2. All the printers on your current network will appear. If you can't see all your printers, press Refresh.

3. Slide the switch next to a printer. This means that you have authorised the connection.

4. Slide the vertical ellipsis to the left to show the Settings button.

5. Press Settings. Prompt a Test Print (press Print). The printer you have selected will print out "TEST". This is how you know what printer you're configuring your locations for.

If your test print printed out at the POS, this is your POS printer.
If it printed in the kitchen, this is your kitchen printer.
6. If this is your POS printer, tick Set Printer As Default. If it did not print out at the POS, skip this step.

7. Tick the Printer Location for the printer.

8. Press the Name of the printer. You will be able to enter a new name for it. We suggest you name it the Printer Location.

9. Tap the < Back button.

9. Repeat for all your other printers, making sure that if it's your POS Printer, you Set Printer As Default. Do not set other printers as default.

10. You should end up with a list of printers with names corresponding to your Printer Locations.

This is an excerpt of Printer Locations.

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