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Go to Configuration > Company Profile to find your company details. It is integral to set up your profile so the right details end up in the right places.

There are lots of details you can fill out; this article will walk you through the mandatory basic information and contact details.

Basic Info

When load the Company Profile page, you will be in the Basic Info tab by default.

You must ensure that all these details are correct:

  1. Name: this is the name of your company

  2. Registration Number (ABN): the official business registration number for your company

  3. Currency: this affects your tax rates and reporting. Note: If you have a non-dollar currency (e.g. Pounds), Abacus will need you give you a special version of Abacus POS so the right currency displays

  4. Time Zone: where your business is located. Setting the time zone is important for ensuring that your reports have no time discrepancies.

  5. Click Save after making any changes.


Click the Contact tab to view the contact details section.

You must ensure that all these details are correct:

  1. First name and last name: your name, as head of the account

  2. Email: your email address. Your account must have a real email address attached to it in order to function.

  3. Mobile: your phone number

  4. Address: where your company is located.
    Note: the weather forecast (e.g. on the dashboard) will be based on the suburb you insert here

  5. Click Save after making any changes.


Click the Logo tab, so you can upload your company logo to appear on your printed receipt and invoice pdfs.

  1. Click Select Files...

  2. Upload a JPEG or PNG image file.
    Recommended image size: 200px ร— 200px

  3. Save

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