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Getting started with Abacus Email & SMS Campaigns
Getting started with Abacus Email & SMS Campaigns

How to set up your campaign manager

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Set up your Campaigns account

Abacus Email & SMS Campaigns are an optional add-on to your subscription. Contact the sales team to add Email & SMS Campaigns to your subscription.

Add your License Key

  1. Upon logging into your account on, go to Loyalty Marketing > Email & SMS Campaigns > Settings

  2. Enter the License Key that was provided to you by the Abacus team when you signed up to Email & SMS Campaigns

  3. Click Save

Log in

  1. In Loyalty Marketing > Email & SMS Campaigns, click Go to Campaigns.

  2. Log in with your Abacus Campaigns details provided by Abacus

Get to know the Campaigns Dashboard


You will be met with the Dashboard, which you can consider as your central hub. It will outline:

  • The number of contacts you have registered

  • Shortcuts to create campaigns

  • Your previous campaigns and drafted campaigns.

Your Credits will be displayed to the left of the screen, below Settings. This indicates how many emails you have the ability to send, i.e. Every 1 credit = 1 email sent.


1. From your dashboard, click Settings located on the left panel.
2. From here, the essential fields you will need to configure are:

  • Default Settings— Set your local time, and if you wish you can also set your defaults for: From name, from email, header, footer & reply-to email.

  • Test List— This is the list of emails you wish a tester to be sent to for initial review. These emails need to be part of your contact list first before being included in this list, which you can learn about below.

  • Your Senders— This will allow you to link your account to an email domain you wish to use as the sender of your emails (e.g.

Import contacts from Abacus

All your customers can be imported from Abacus to Campaigns:

  1. Go to Loyalty Marketing > Email & SMS Campaigns > Sync Contacts.

2. A green banner will appear when the sync has been successful.

3. When you go back to Campaigns, and click Contacts, you will see your new contacts in the table.

Add a Contact List

A contact list is a folder of contacts. Even though you have imported your contacts already, it is good practice to also create a list to house those contacts, so when you send out a campaign, you only need to select a list instead of each separate contact.

  1. Click into Contacts in the left panel, and then into Lists. Here you can view your contact lists and sort them.

  2. Click Add a new list, and a popup window will appear asking you to name the list, and then add contacts into that list. This can be done either by importing a CSV file with contact details, adding a single contact’s details manually or copying and pasting a list of contacts.

  3. Once you have created your contacts, you can now start creating your email campaign.

Creating campaigns

With your Abacus Campaign account set, you're ready to start designing some campaigns!


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