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Importing birthdays into Abacus Campaigns
Importing birthdays into Abacus Campaigns

How to use Custom Attributes to copy your customers' dates of birth into Email & SMS Campaigns

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Abacus Campaigns gives you the ability to send out targeted campaigns to your customers. By default, there is no birthday field in Campaigns, so to import birthdays into Campaigns you would do the following:

1. Create a custom attribute in Campaigns

In your Campaigns dashboard, go to Contacts > Settings > Contact Attributes and CRM > Configure.

Click + Add a new attribute.

Enter the Attribute Name "DATE_OF_BIRTH" and select the Attribute Type "Date", then click OK.

2. Export the customer database from Abacus

In the Abacus backend, go to Customers > Database > Export > Export to CSV File.

3. Export the contact list from Campaigns

In Abacus Campaigns, tick the top checkbox, to select all of your customers. Click Export > Only Once and a list of your contacts will be sent to your email address.

4. Copy and paste the birthdates

Copy the birthdays from the "Date of birth" column (Abacus customer database), and paste them into the "DATE_OF_BIRTH" column (Abacus Campaigns contact list).

This should be in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

If your customers are not displayed in the same sequence down both spreadsheets, sort them by the customer's surname/last name (use the Excel function Data > Sort) so you ensure that the right date of birth is copied for each customer.

Save the Abacus Campaigns contact list.


5. Import the new contact list into Campaigns

In Abacus Campaigns, click Import > Upload a file > Confirm your file.

We are only importing the dates of birth, so you can ignore any other fields if prompted.

You will end up with the date of birth added in the customer table as below.

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