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Creating SMS Campaigns
Creating SMS Campaigns

Use Abacus Campaigns to send emails to your customers

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When you have set up your Abacus Email & SMS Campaign Manager, you can send SMS promotions to your customers.

1. Go to Campaigns > SMS > Create an SMS campaign

2. Input:

  • Campaign Name—Label used for your own organisation or sorting.

  • SMS Sender—The name you wish recipients to see when you send an SMS.

  • SMS Message—This is the message you wish to send to recipients (160 characters)

3. If you want to slow down how many SMS you send at a time, tick Send SMS in batches and fill in the fields as prompted.

4. If you wish to send a test SMS to yourself, you may do so by pressing Send a test located at the bottom of the page.

Note: Test emails do not use up credits, but a test SMS will deduct from your SMS credits.

5. Click Next Step and you will be taken to the Recipients page. Select which contact list you want to send the SMS to (that is, if you have their mobile numbers registered in their contact profiles). If you want to filter through particular lists, scroll to the bottom and tick ‘Apply filters on the selected lists’ and select the filters you wish to use.

Note that the number in the table will include your total number of contacts, but the number at the bottom of the page will be the number of contacts that actually have a phone number.

6. Upon selecting your contact list and going to Next Step, you will now be on the Confirmation page. This is an overview of your SMS campaign, where you can check if all the details are correct.

7. When you are satisfied with your setup and recipients, click Schedule, where you can choose to either send it immediately, or select a specific time you wish it to be sent.

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