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How to create a read-only digital menu (not for online ordering)

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If you want customers to be able to view your menu online, without actually placing an order, you will want to create a Mobile Digital Menu.

If you want customers to be able to finalise the order and pay, you will want to set up our full Online Ordering module instead, and should contact our friendly support team to get started.

How to set up a Mobile Digital Menu

Add products to your database

  1. Go to your Products page

  2. Click Quick Add

  3. Add a Product Code, a Name, and a Price for your products, as well as its Taxable status (taxable or non-taxable)

Check out part 7 of our backend training series for more information about adding products.

When you've finished adding your products, you should have a list that looks something like this-

Add products from database to digital menu

  1. Go to Online Ordering > Menu

  2. Select Create a new online menu from scratch then click Create

Once you've clicked Create, the name of your menu will appear at the top of the page.

3. Under Menu List, click Add and create a name for the listing. Each listing corresponds to a different tab in your online ordering platform.

Select a tab under Menu List and click Add to add products within that tab.

You will only be able to search for products that are already created in your product database.

3. When you are satisfied with your menu layout, click Save.

Please note that if you move away from the page without saving, you will lose your changes.

4. To add dietary tags, descriptions, or product images, check out our more detailed Online Ordering Menu article.

Share your menu via QR Code

When customers scan a QR code in your store, they will be directed to your online menu via their web browser.

If you want customers to check in when they browse your menu, follow these instructions.

If you want customers to just browse your menu without checking in, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Online Ordering > Publishing

  2. Under Option 2: QR Code click Download underneath one of the two Online Ordering samples. The first one will just have a QR code. The second one will have a design with instructions to the customer as well as the QR code.

  3. Print the downloaded QR code and display it in your store

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