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How to optimise your menu for online ordering
How to optimise your menu for online ordering

Some tips on editing your menu for web online ordering

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In this article:

  • Limitations of the online menu

  • Products and product variants

Limitations of the online menu

Please note that the following features are not supported in online menus:

  • Minimum, maximum, and default quantities in product variants

  • Multi-pricing rules and Price Triggers

  • Variant exclusions, e.g. if you have a product variant called "coffee mods", which has "milk" excluded for "espressos", an online order will still be able to see the "milk" option for espressos

  • Groups

  • Menu notes - through the online ordering platform, customers can specify delivery instructions

  • Combos using product variants where a third-level product variants (i.e. product variants of product variants) are used. E.g. If you have the combo "burger combo" (first level product variant) with "hamburger" (second level product variant), you should not also have "extra cheese" (third level product variant). Third-level product variants are only supported in customer mobile apps, and will be supported soon on the online ordering webpage.

If your POS menu has these features, we recommend you either:

  • Duplicate a POS menu and make adjustments

  • Create a new online menu from scratch

Products & Product Variants

You should make sure that the products & product variants on your menu are suitable for customers.

For example:

  • You may sell alcohol in-store, but you cannot offer it online

  • You may have $0 items or special options that you do not want customers to see

  • You may use nicknames for chef specials

  • You may have a "keep cup" option in your variants which removes $0.50 from the order - you will need to remove this product variant from your coffees

  • You may not want to have "Include Qty" enabled if you only want the customers able to order a single item

Make sure you delete or rename any products to make your online ordering menu customer-friendly.

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