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How can I accept (or reject) an online reservation?
How can I accept (or reject) an online reservation?

How to approve your upcoming reservations on the POS and on the Pocket Manager

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When a customer requests an online reservation, you will need to accept it so they receive a confirmation email.

It is up to you whether you want to assign the reservation to a table before or after accepting the reservation:

  • If you are managing many reservation requests for one day, you may want to co-ordinate where your guests will be seated before accepting a reservation

  • If you have fewer reservations, you may want to accept the reservation as soon as possible, then co-ordinate seating arrangements later

You can accept (and reject) reservations on the Pocket Manager and on the Abacus POS app.

Accepting Reservations on the Pocket Manager

  1. Go to the Reservations page of the Pocket Manager to see all reservation requests that are Awaiting Approval.

2. Tap the reservation listing to expand its details and tap ACCEPT

Note: To see any special requirement notes that a customer has added, or to see their email address, you will need to check the reservation on your POS.

3. The approved reservation will appear on the Confirmed screen. Any reservation (awaiting approval or confirmed) can have its table assigned when you tap Table and select the desired table from the popup.

Accepting Reservations on the POS

1. Go to the Summary screen on the Reservations page to see all unapproved reservation requests you have received online.

All unapproved requests will appear here, regardless of the date you have selected at the top of the screen.

2. Tap a specific reservation to enter its Reservation Session tab, then tap again to open its details.

3. In the popup window, tap Accept

4. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer's email address.

You can assign this reservation to a table via the above screen by tapping Select Tables.

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