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Using the Pocket Manager app
Using the Pocket Manager app

How to use your mobile reporting app

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Install Pocket Manager

  1. Go into the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) on your mobile device

2. Search and install “Pocket Manager” by Abacus Solutions Pty Ltd

3. Once it has been installed, open the app and log in using your POS/backend credentials

Getting Started

To access the Pocket Manager app, you need to have a user role with at least one of these System Role Access settings enabled in the backend:

  • POS > Dashboard

  • POS > Reports > Sales Summary

  • POS > Reports > Sales Activity

  • POS > Reports > Top Selling Products

  • POS > Products

  • POS > Reservations

  • POS > Reports > Tender Report

  • Rostering > Roster

For example:


Upon logging in, you will be greeted with your Sales Summary. To navigate through the app, tap the hamburger icon (three lines) at the top left of the screen, and there you will see a list of reports you will be able to review. To reload any screen, tap the refresh button at the top right of the screen.

The start time for your Sales Summary is based on the Start Trading Time (set in Configuration > Company Profile on the backend). This means that if, for example, your business trades until 3am, instead of showing the report from 12am to 12am the next day, it can show from 3am to 3am the next day.

Logging out

To log out of the app, tap the navigation button and select Log Out.

Top Selling Products

The Top Selling Products list displays:

  • Sales performance in descending order, i.e. the best performing product at the top of the list

  • Quantity of each product sold

  • Sales of each product

  • Percentage of overall sales that are attributed to that product

You can view your top selling products by day, week, or month, by tapping the buttons at the top of the screen.

Sales Activity

Here, you can view your sales data by either day, week, or month by tapping the respective labels above the graph.

Upon choosing your viewing period, you can then see the sales activity, total sales, number of transactions, sales per/transaction and number of items sold.

Scroll down for a further breakdown of sales activity.

Sales Summary

A graph of your day's sales will appear.

Around the graph are fact boxes for:

  • Sales

  • Transactions

  • Average sales per transaction

  • Guest count^

  • Average spend per person^

  • Discounts

  • Cancelled sales

  • Items sold

  • Speed of service

^Guest count and average spend per person are only calculated if you use Abacus POS in Restaurant Mode and you specify the number of people per table when serving them.

You can also see pie graphs on this page for your Top Selling Products and Tender if you tick these options in your Pocket Manager app settings.


On this page, you can view all of the products that you have available for sale, alongside their product code and price.

Change price

  1. Press the Price field of a product

2. Enter the new price via the keypad
3. Press Save

4. The price will be updated instantly in the app, but not on the POS

5. To update the price in your store, ensure you have a stable internet connection on your POS and press the Master Sync button.


If you have subscribed to the Abacus Reservations module, you can view your customers' reservations in the Pocket Manager app.

The Reservations feature on the Pocket Manager is only available on iOS devices.

Accepting Reservations

  1. In the first tab, you will see all your reservation requests. These appear when a customer has made a reservation online but it has not been approved at your POS

2. Tap any reservation request to view its details, e.g. how many people it is for, whether there was a deposit, what the phone number was, etc.

3. Press Table to select the table at which they will be seated, then press Save.

In the Table Grid:

  • The top number is the table number

  • The bottom number is the amount of people that the table can accommodate
    (These are set on the backend in Table Maps)

4, Press Accept to confirm the reservation. Your customer will get an email letting them know that their reservation has been accepted.
(If you Reject it, they will still be notified via email.)

5. All accepted bookings will move to the Confirmed tab

View confirmed Reservations

In the second tab, all of your confirmed reservations will be shown. These are the reservations that have been accepted by your staff at the POS, or by you on the Pocket Manager app.

Only the reservations for your selected date will appear. Choose a different date to view reservations for other days.

Tap a confirmed reservation listing to view its details.


Here, you will be able to toggle on and off display options in the app:

  • Weather/Temperature

  • Retrieve Roster

  • Show Top Selling Products (pie graph in Sales Summary screen

  • Show Tender Report (pie graph in Sales Summary screen)

  • Display Net Sales (Site screen)

Switching sites

Review your basic daily sales information across all sites
Tap a different site name to go to that site instead

You can also see these sites in Configuration > Partner Company in the backend.

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