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How do I create a reservation?
How do I create a reservation?

Add a new reservation via the POS

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When customers request a reservation online, you can accept it on the POS or on your Pocket Manager.

You can only create reservations on the POS. Make sure you've set up your online reservations system first before creating reservations so they display on your POS.

Create a reservation on the POS

  1. On the Reservations page, tap Add New.

  2. Enter the customer details, guest count, and any deposit made.
    You will need to include:

  • Customer name

  • Phone number or email address
    If an email address is provided, the customer will be created on the backend

  • Guest count

  • Reservation time and duration

3. If your customer is reserving for the future, enter the reservation time and duration. If they have not made a reservation in advance, tick Is Walk In.

4. Select Tables if you wish to assign the table they will be seated at.

5. Tap Save if the table is not yet ready, or tap Check In to seat your customers at their table instantly.

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