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How do I take an online reservation deposit?
How do I take an online reservation deposit?

How to set up deposits for reservations made online

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If your customers request a reservation online, you can impose a deposit for guest counts over a certain number, e.g. $5 per person for reservations of 15 people and more.

This deposit will be taken as soon as a customer places the request for their reservation.

Set up deposits

  1. Go to Reservations > Reservation Configuration

  2. Scroll down to Deposit (or go to Settings)

  3. Enter the Minimum Guest To Charge Deposit.

  4. Enter the required Deposit per Guest. Alternatively, you could fill in a Deposit per Reservation if you want the deposit amount to be the same regardless of the number of guests.

  5. Click Save.

When placing a reservation online, your customer will be prompted to enter their card details for any reservation that requires a deposit.

View deposits on POS

The deposit will be applied to the order so the amount owing is a negative figure.

  1. Tap the coin icon to view the deposit amount.

2. The total figure will automatically update as the order is taken.

NOTE: The total order amount must eventually equal or exceed the deposit amount for the transaction to be completed.


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