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How do I refund an online reservation deposit?
How do I refund an online reservation deposit?

Refunding customer deposits for online reservations

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Deposits are taken as soon as a customer has requested a reservation online.

Please note that rejecting an order will not automatically refund a deposit.

Make sure you have communicated to your customer that their deposit will be refunded to them in 5-10 business days.

To refund a deposit:

1. Go to Reservations > Reservation Sales Report.

2. On the right of the reservation listing whose deposit you want to refund, click the Refund arrow icon.

3. When you have requested a reservation deposit to be refunded, the arrow will disappear, and you will see:

  • The amount in the Deposit column will be reset to $0

  • Refund amount: under Refunded you will see the amount that you plan to refund

  • Refund date: under Refunded On, you will see the date that you requested the refund.

4. Deposit refunds will be processed in 5-10 business days.

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