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How can I make a compound surcharge?
How can I make a compound surcharge?

How to set up compounded surcharges that apply on your POS

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This is a beta feature

Please note that compound surcharges only apply in Abacus POS 2.8.100 and later, but they do not apply in online ordering or self-ordering kiosks. Please do not use compound surcharges unless you have been advised by a support team member that it is suitable for your business.

Compound surcharges are supported in Abacus POS 2.8.100 and later.

  1. Go to Sales > Surcharge > Holiday/General

  2. Create each surcharge in the order that you want them to apply. You can use the handlebars to rearrange the surcharges.

  3. Next to Compound, select Yes

  4. Click Enable General Surcharge

5. On Abacus POS, go to Settings > Sync > Sync Payment Info.

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