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How you get paid for online orders
How you get paid for online orders

Understanding payment settlement/disbursements on the backend

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  • Overview

  • Payment statuses

  • How to see which payments are lumped together


Go to Online Ordering > Payment Settlement to track your disbursements.

When a customer makes a payment, this does not go to your account straight away. Each transaction first goes to Abacus Payments. Each day, your customers' payments will be lumped together. Then, that lump sum is goes into your account as one "disbursement" (minus the Abacus Payments fee).

This usually takes 3 business days.

Payment statuses

Under the Transactions table, you will know that a lump sum has been disbursed to your account when the Payment State becomes "completed" and the Disburse State is "successful".

If either of these fields say anything else, or if they are blank, that means that the funds have not yet been disbursed to your account.
Here the different stages:

When disbursement is successful, you can scroll down to the Disbursements table to see the amounts that have been paid to your account.

How to see which payments are lumped together

Look for the Disbursement Reference number ("Disburse Ref") under the Transactions table (highlighted yellow).

This lets you know which orders are going to be bunched together for you to get one single lump payment (disbursement, highlighted teal).

For example, if you make 2 transactions in 1 day totalling $15.10 (excluding the payment gateway fee), you will get that $15.10 in your account as one transaction.

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