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Product Tags

Tag your products so you can read your reports easier!

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Categories are the primary way to organise your products, but sometimes you need another way to sort them. Product Tags are an alternative way of grouping your products. This is helpful for viewing how certain products sell in your reports. It can also be used in multipricing and price triggers.

You might use these for:

  • "Food" & "Beverage"

  • "New"

  • "Specials"

Create product tag

  1. Go to Products > Product Tags

  2. Click Add New Item

  3. Enter the name of your Product Tag (e.g. Beverages)

  4. Enter a description for your reference (e.g. Food)

  5. Repeat for any other product tags

Attach a product tag to a product

  1. Go to Products > Products

  2. Click the pencil button to enter the Product Details page

3. Scroll down to Product tags and enter the tag name, then select it.

4. Save the Product Details

5. Now when you go into a report (e.g. Top Selling Products), you can filter your products by that product tag.

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