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Multipricing based on order source
Multipricing based on order source

Configure sources for orders on the Abacus backend

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You might want to apply special pricing depending on the source of the order. For example, if you run a café and a hotel, you might want to have different prices for hotel guests. In this case, you would set the hotel as an “order source”!

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Create a source

Go to POS Settings > Sources on the backend to create your source. Then, select a source in the multipricing rule.

  1. Go to POS Settings > Sources

  2. Click New Source

  3. Enter the Source name

Multipricing depending on source

  1. Sales > Multipricing Rules

  2. New Price Rule

  3. Enter the Name of your rule (e.g. "Order Source")

  4. Click the pencil button to view the Multipricing Rule details

5. Under Source, select the order source that you have created

6. Select the Outcome that you want, e.g. $5 discount
(For details, see Multipricing Rules)

7. Save.

Note: Every time you wish to update Multipricing Rules, you will need to re-apply it to your products.

8. Go to Products > Products
9. Tick the Products you want this rule to apply to.

10. Go to Settings.

11. In the Multipricing tab, select your order source rule, and click Apply.
12. If you intend to use this rule for all products, you'll need to click to the next set of 20 products, and repeat steps 9 and 10.
Note: Ticking the box in the blue banner will only select all the products shown in the current view (maximum 20 products).

13. Perform a Master Sync on POS

14. Go to the Point of Sale screen

15. Select the Table Number and Order Source, then select Eat In

16. Add an item to your order. The special price will be automatically applied.
Note: The price change will not be shown as a discount/surcharge on the POS or on your customer's receipt; it will simply show a different price for the same product.

17. Complete the transaction as per usual procedure.

Update a Multipricing Rule

If you want to change a multipricing rule, you will need to:

  • Update it within the Multipricing Rule Details

  • Re-apply the Multipricing Rule to your products

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