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Stripe WisePad 3 Troubleshooting
Stripe WisePad 3 Troubleshooting
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There are a few reasons why your Stripe WisePad 3 reader may be unusable. This article will outline these reasons and how to overcome them.

If you still require assistance, please contact our Support team.

In this article:

My reader isn’t appearing in the discovery list.

Is the reader on/charged?

Ensure that the reader is turned on and the battery is charged.

Is the reader in close proximity to the POS?

The POS won’t be able to discover the reader if it is too far away. Ensure that the reader is in close proximity to the POS.

Is the reader connected to another POS device?

If the reader is still connected to another POS, it won’t be discoverable on any other devices.

Disconnect the reader from the original POS by tapping RESET and try again.

My reader is frozen and displaying an error message saying it is corrupt.

Your reader might become corrupt if the reader is physically damaged, i.e. dropped on the floor, or general wear and tear.

If the reader is displaying an error message that it is corrupt, restart the reader. This can be done by holding down the power button to turn it off, and doing the same to turn it back on.

If the error message is still displaying, contact Abacus Support.

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