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Backend Sync Troubleshooting
Backend Sync Troubleshooting

Resolve server syncing errors

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If you are getting an error when you try to sync your app to the backend (aka server), try out these troubleshooting steps.

Restart app

  1. Double press the home key on your iPad.

  2. Swipe away the Abacus application. This closes or "kills" the app.

  3. Re-open Abacus by pressing the Abacus icon on your home screen.

  4. Log in using your credentials.

Confirm internet connection

If you aren't connected to the internet, you're not going to be able to sync to the server.

Check that you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Open Safari and go to Google or any website

  2. If you get an error page immediately, the iPad is not connected to the internet.
    If you get an error page after some time, the internet may be running slowly.

In the case that the iPad is not connected to the internet:

  1. Check the iPad Wi-Fi settings. Ensure that it is connected to your Abacus network.

  2. Check the router.
    The router has a ‘Globe’ sign that should be blue/green. If it’s not, it means it is not connected to the internet. Ensure that the cables have been inserted correctly and that the router is switched on.

  3. Turn the router off at the wall, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again.

  4. Confirm with your provider that your internet plan is still valid.

In the case that the your browser is loading pages slowly:
If it loads for a while, but then fails, it means you have internet connection but it’s very slow. Your server sync may be failing because it is timing out.

  1. Turn the router off at the wall, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again.

  2. Contact your internet provider.

Try syncing other information

Check that you are able to sync other information. This means that when you contact support, you can pinpoint which sync is not working for you.

  1. In the Abacus app, go to Settings > Sync and try any other sync. Try SYNC STAFF LIST FROM SERVER because there is not a lot of information and it is usually fast.

  2. If it also fails, try another one such as SYNC MODIFIERS FROM SERVER.

  3. If you are unable to sync anything, then there might be an access error. Basically, the "token" that the app has is expired or invalid and you are being rejected from the server. To get a new token, restart the app and log in again.

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