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Create QR Codes for Different Menus
Create QR Codes for Different Menus
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When customers scan a QR code, they will be redirected to your online store. Different menus can be displayed on different QR codes.

For example, you can have different QR codes for different order types i.e. if you have an Eat In menu and a Takeaway menu, you can have seperate QR codes for each menu.

Note: Multiple Order Types must be disabled.

To create QR codes for different menus:

  1. Go to Online Ordering > Publishing.

2. Click Copy link to copy the Store URL.

3. Paste the Store URL into your internet browser and add '?menu=[menu name]' to the end.

Things to note:

  • Any spaces in the menu name must be removed.

  • The URL is capital-sensitive.

  • The menu name cannot include symbols.

The names of your menus can be found by going to Menus > Online Ordering Menu.

4. The corresponding menu will load.

5. Use your chosen QR code website to create a QR code with this URL.

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