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Create Time Settings for a Category
Create Time Settings for a Category

Display a category at a set time.

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Display categories at different times by creating time settings.

In the example below, the Beer category will be displayed only between the 12pm and 9pm and will be hidden at all other times.

Note: If there are no time settings for a category, it will display at all times.

To create time settings for a category:

  1. Go to Menus > Online Ordering Menus and edit the chosen menu.

2. Edit the category.

3. Click Add Time Setting.

4. Select the time you want the category to display by entering the:

  • Day

  • Start Time

  • End Time

5. (Optional) Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more time settings.

6. Click Save.

The category will only appear on the online store during the set times.

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