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How do I make different online ordering menus appear at different times?
How do I make different online ordering menus appear at different times?

Set up timed menus

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When you have web online ordering, you can choose to have specific menus ("Timed Menus") displaying at certain times of the day. For example, you can have a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, or even a Saturday Night menu.

Timed Menus are only supported in online ordering, not on the self-ordering kiosk. If you have Timed Menus for online ordering, the self-ordering kiosk will still only use the primary online ordering menu (we will get into that later).

First, you will need to create all your menus. Then, you will need to set the times for each menu.

Create your menus

  1. Go to iPad Menu > POS Menu

  2. Check to see whether you have all the menus that you want for your different periods. Any menu you have created/selected via the Online Ordering Menu page will have the "Online Ordering" label.

    We recommend that you create a copy of each menu that you want for Online Ordering, if there is any variation between what you can order online and what you can order at the POS (e.g. if any alcoholic drinks cannot be delivered).
    (See How to optimise your menu for online ordering)

    Note that it is not mandatory (although recommended) to create separate Online Ordering menus, as even POS menus can be used in timed online ordering menus. Please reach out to us if you are unsure which setup would work best with your business.

  3. Go to iPad Menu > Online Ordering Menu

  4. Assuming you already have an online ordering menu set, click Change next to your Online Ordering menu name.

  5. Select Duplicate an existing menu and select the POS menu that you would like to duplicate for a certain time of day for Online Ordering, then click Duplicate.

    Alternatively, select Create a new online menu from scratch, enter a name, then click Create.

    6. Make any adjustments to your online ordering menu as usual in the Menu tab below.

    7. Click Save.

    8. Repeat for any additional menus that you want to create, then proceed to set the times for each menu, following the instructions below.

Set the times for each menu

  1. Go to iPad Menu > Online Ordering Menu

  2. Go to the Time Setting tab


  4. Under Menu Name, select the menu that you want to appear at a certain time, then select the Day of Week, Start Time, and End Time.

  5. Click Update

  6. Repeat for all different menu times

  7. Click Save

  8. The changes will update instantly on your online ordering platform.

Edit an Online Ordering Menu

On the backend Online Ordering Menu page, there will only be one Selected Menu Name showing at any time.

When you go to the MENU tab of your Online Ordering page (accessed via iPad Menu > Online Ordering Menu), you will only be editing the menu whose name appears at the top of the page.

If you want to edit an Online Ordering Menu under a different name:

  1. Click Change

  2. Click Select an existing online ordering menu, select that menu, then click OK

  3. The menu you have just selected will now appear under the MENU tab.

  4. Click Save after making changes.

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