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Send Order Updates to Customers via SMS
Send Order Updates to Customers via SMS
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Send customers updates on their pickup and dine in orders via SMS.

A SMS can be sent when:

  • The order is accepted (free)

  • The payment has failed (free)

  • The order is ready (paid)

  • The order is rejected (paid)

Note: you will be charged 15c for every SMS that is sent when an order is ready or rejected. Follow steps 4-6 to top up your SMS credit. If you do not have enough credit, the SMS won't send.

To set up SMS order updates:

  1. Go to Online Ordering > SMS Configuration.

2. Turn the toggle switch to ON.

3. Tick which message types you want to send for Pick Up and/or Dine In.

In this example, Reject is being ticked.

4. Edit the SMS text (optional), being sure to leave the placeholders intact.

5. Top up your SMS credit by selecting a dollar amount from the drop down list and clicking the Top Up button.

6. Enter your payment information and click the Pay now button.

7. Click the Save button.

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