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How do I create blackout dates for reservations?
How do I create blackout dates for reservations?

Prevent customers from requesting a reservation at specific times

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If you have a function for on a weekend, or if you are closed for a public holiday, you can "black out" specific reservation sessions on specific days so that your customers cannot place an online reservation on those days.

Note: These dates will still be available for reservations that are created on the POS.

  1. Go to Reservations > Blackout Dates

  2. Click Add Blackout

  3. Select a Reservation Date

  4. Click underneath Blacked out sessions to launch a popup

  5. Select the time slots that you want to hide from your online reservation service on that day the click Save.

Note: the times shown will be based on the Reservation Sessions that you already created. For example, if your reservation session goes from 12am until 3pm, you will have to black out the entire reservation session- you cannot black out half of it. If you wanted to black out only part of that reservation time, you would need to create a new reservation session for that day (Reservations > Reservation Sessions) so it becomes an option here.

6. Now if your customers select that date for a reservation, those blacked out sessions will not display.

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