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Count down the number of portions left of a product

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By setting portions for products on your Master POS, you will be able to track how much of that product is left over as you sell it.

When the last of it is sold, it will be automatically marked as SOLD OUT on the POS, as well as the:

  • Self-ordering kiosk

  • Online ordering

  • KDS

  • Mobile app.

Add portions

  1. On your Master POS, hold down on a product.

2. Under Portions, tap ADD.

3. Enter the number of portions available for that product and tap SUBMIT.

4. The number of portions will appear on the POS. The number will decrease as the product is sold.

Reset portions

On your Master POS, hold down on a product.

Under Portions, tap RESET.

The portion counter will be set back to 0.

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