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DoorDash Drive Integration
DoorDash Drive Integration

How to use DoorDash for delivering your online orders

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In this article:

  • About the DoorDash Drive integration

  • How to set up the DoorDash Drive Integration

  • How to use DoorDash Drive with Abacus

  • Order cancellations

  • Delivery Support FAQ

DoorDash Drive Integration

When you use Abacus Online Ordering, you can choose to have DoorDash take care of the delivery.

Please note that customers will still need to place their order through your Abacus online ordering platform, instead of DoorDash.

How to set up the DoorDash Drive Integration

After you follow the onboarding wizard to set up online ordering, you will be able to select a delivery partner such as DoorDash to take care of the delivery fees (and the delivery itself).

You will need to have already set up an account with DoorDash under your Store Name (same as the store name in Abacus).

  1. Log into the Abacus backend and go to Online Ordering > Configuration

  2. Under Delivery Fees, select Option 3: Delivery Partner

  3. Select DoorDash Drive

  4. Enter a subsidised fee if you wish. This is the amount that you want to offset the delivery fee that DoorDash passes on to the customer. For example, if DoorDash charges a delivery fee of $15, you might want to subsidise it by $5 so the customer only has to pay $10 for delivery.

  5. Enter your Business ID. This will have been provided by DoorDash.

  6. Save.

How to use DoorDash Drive with Abacus

At any time, you can also tap the Customer's name to see their delivery address.

  1. All DoorDash orders appear with a scooter icon which you can tap to see the progress of the Dasher (DoorDash driver/rider).

If the progress bar is grey, and it says Order received, it means that we are searching to assign a Dasher to pick up your order.

2. When a Dasher has been assigned to pick up your order, the knife and fork will light up red and the popup will say Heading to restaurant. It will also show the estimated time that the delivery will arrive at your restaurant.

At that point, you can scroll down to see the Dasher's details.

3. When a DoorDash rider/driver has picked up the order:

  • The order status will turn to Ready

  • The Dasher's name and phone number will appear at the top of the delivery popup

  • The car icon will light up

4. You will be able to track the Dasher's journey from your restaurant to your customer on the live map.

5. When the order has been delivered:

  • The text below the map will say "Delivered"

  • The order will be marked as COMPLETE and move from the In Progress tab to the Completed tab.

Order Cancellations

If a customer calls to cancel their order:

  1. Go to Order History

  2. Swipe left on the order and tap Refund

  3. Select the items to be cancelled, and tap Online Payment

  4. If the whole order is refunded, then the request for a DoorDash Driver will be cancelled.

Delivery Support FAQ

My customers is having issues adding their phone number, why?

Customers will need to provide a phone number that starts with β€œ04” and contain 10 digits (as a standard Australian mobile phone number). This is a requirement for the DoorDash integration, so that the dasher may contact your customer if necessary.

I need to contact DoorDash, what do I do?

In the case that you need immediate action where:

  • Dasher is 15+ minutes late

  • Dasher took the wrong food or forgot items

  • Customer never receives their order

  • Delivery address has changed

Call DoorDash Support at 1800-958-316 and quote your Delivery ID.

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