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Liven integration

Set up your POS to accept Liven

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Abacus POS integrates with Liven, an online payment system through which customers can get rewarded through the LVN token system.

How to set up to accept Liven

  1. Make sure you are a Liven partner

  2. In Abacus, go to Settings > Payment > LIVEN Payment

  3. Enter your Branch ID and Password (provided by Liven) then press Save

How to complete a sale with Liven

  1. When finalising an order, instruct your customer to press Pay Now on your store's screen

2. On the POS Payment Screen, press OPTIONS then select Liven Payment

3. Verify with your customer that you are seeing the same code, then select that customer. Press Refresh if necessary.

4. Press Complete Sale


"Liven Payment" will display as the payment method in your Order History, and in your backend invoices.

A payment that has been made in Liven cannot be refunded.


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