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Apply $ and % tips in your POS

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Using Abacus POS, you can process two sorts of tips:

  • Percentage tips: e.g. 10% of an order

  • Flat dollar tips: e.g. $5

Please note that even though certain card payment terminals may accept tips, we recommend that you process tips through Abacus POS in order for the tips to be recorded in your Abacus backend.

How to process a tip

  1. On the payment page, press the Tips Jar and a window will pop up

2. Enter your tip:

  • A dollar amount (e.g. $5) - select the $ button and enter the amount

  • A percentage amount (e.g. 10% of the whole order) - select the % button and enter the amount

3. Press Done

3. The payment amount will update to include the tip

4. Complete the transaction as per usual through cash, credit card, etc.

Tips report

Go to Reports > Sales > Tips page to see a graph for how much you earn in tips.


The Tips report can be filtered by:

  • User, so you know which staff member registered each tip (e.g. to discern who earned the tip)

  • Group, so you know to which Cash Register Group a tip belongs (e.g. to discern which area is getting more tips)

Scroll down to see a breakdown of sales and the tips included.

Click on a time to see its corresponding invoices.

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