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How do I add a note to an order?
How do I add a note to an order?

Sending notes to the kitchen in various ways

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You can add a custom note to your order in 3 ways:

A) Product note: Add a note to a specific product on a docket. This can be written on the spot, or preconfigured.

B) Order note: Add a note to a whole order, shown at the beginning of a docket. This can be written on the spot, or preconfigured.

C) Note docket: Add a note like a separate line item to your order. This can have its own printer location separate to the rest of the order. This note is always preconfigured.


  • Extra takeaway cup

  • Extra napkins

  • Send mains

  • Start plating dessert

  • Bring side plates

You can also add a Customer Name to an order docket (see this article).

How to create a Product Note

If you want to add a note to an individual item:

  1. Add an item to the order

2. Swipe left to show extra buttons

3. Press Options

4. Under Add Note, type a note that applies specifically to that product.

5. Press Done

6. The item on the docket will appear with an individualised note

How to create an Order Note with Customer Name

  1. Tap Order Details

  2. Under Add Note, type in your message

  3. Tap Done

  4. Order notes show at the bottom of the order

How to preconfigure a Product Note or Order Note

When using the above method of adding notes, you can also select notes from a preconfigured list.

To set these up:

  1. Go to the backend ( > POS Settings > Predefined Notes

2. Click Add New Note

3. Enter the note

4. Sync your menu on Abacus POS

How to create a Note Docket

Create the preconfigured note on your menu:

  1. Tap the Menu icon (spoon and fork) at the top of the screen

  2. Tap the Gear icon next to the menu you want to edit (you need to be an admin/manager and on the Master POS)

  3. Tap an empty menu tile with a + button

  4. Tap ADD NOTE

  5. Under Note, enter the note text. You can also specify a Printer Location.

  6. Tap UPDATE

  7. Tap SAVE MENU

It will appear like a product on your menu. Every time you want to add the note to an order, tap the note on your menu then SEND.

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